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Hello fellow Gamer, We're a group of enthusiastic Diablo III players, whom have built a community, where you guys join in and become part of something bigger than just the usual day of grinding in Diablo III! What makes us different, the stream isnt about one person showing off godly gear all about them, its everyone having fun and enjoying diablo 3 together, even when the stream is offline the community is online, our twitch chat is active 24 hours a day as people use it as a general chat. Since we're a group streamers using the same channel a lot of personalities are constantly present, and we ensure support for every class and aspect of the game. As well as the stream we have a website with forums and class guides a mumble server (voice chat) which is available for all viewers of the Institute of Heroes to use, where you guys can get together and hang out with each other. Apart from all that we are regularly doing GIVEAWAYS, Über runs with viewers, essence farming with viewers, gear builds, gear checks and random EVENTS like The Deathrun, DodgeBall, PvP, Leg Farm comps, Uber races, item of shame feature, Diablo Football, So join in on this amazing community and become part of IOH! We make diablo3 fun