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Hey everyone! I know some of the more common MF methods show things like farming a gold chest in act 2 over and over or some elite mobs in act 4 but for people who cant quite handle stuff like that yet (like me :D) I made this video showing a pretty efficient way to build your Nephalem Valor and Farm Act 1 Inferno.

I've done a lot of boss fight videos but people were requesting I show the packs of champion/elite mob fights so that is in this video. If you want to watch here is the link.

A couple things to know about Nephalem Valor
1. If you change any skill or rune while you have the buff, you'll lose it.
2. If you change acts you'll lose it
3. If you die, it stays
4. If the time runs out (30 minutes) that's an easy one, its gone [face_tongue]

After you clear the areas and boss you can always run around the rest of the act or use way points and farm as much other stuff as you'd like. The buff caps at 5 but every time you kill a pack while you are at 5 it will refresh the 30 minute time limit on the buff.

Enjoy and i hope this helps someone!