I think Blizzard hates me

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    I'm not one to complain too much, but today Diablo 3, specifically the servers, have driven me crazy. Three times today, while in the second level of a random dungeon, I have been disconnect either fighting the last random buff monster, or right after they died. The first time it happened, there was a yellow item, and my first orange item. Before I could click and pick the up, error 3003. I reloaded, just to have to start the entire dungeon over again, with none of the loot I had picked up on the level.

   I realize bugs happen, but for the same error to happen three times, after I spent 30 plus minutes fully exploring each dungeon, is ridiculous. Blizzard told me to no longer rush to boss battles for good loot, but to explore the entire game. Well exploring every part of a field or dungeon, to then get booted and end up with none of the rare items I worked for, completely takes away all fun from the game. I might as well rush. But I would probably just kicked again after killing Diablo or the Butcher. 

  Or maybe Blizzard is doing it on purpose to me. To then laugh at me, knowing the anger I feel everytime it happens.