I am making Cain's sets 360.

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I noticed on the PC version people are paying crazy amounts for Cain's sets. I am not sure how coveted they are on the console version but I have the ability to craft them for the 360 version and am willing to do so for next to nothing. All I ask is you have the materials for it. I'll cover the crafting fees for the first 5 people to respond and after that I'll require what it costs to make. There is a chance I might already have some made but seeing as most my time is going to Keywarden/hellfire ring farming I doubt it. The first person to respond will get a set for free. Just trying to restore faith in humanity and show that there are nice people still out there. Tips in the form of a single legendary weapon (any class) are also accepted but I will stand by my word. DespiseTheSun42 is my GT on XBL.

(this offer is subject to change due to my school/work schedule but only in the aspect that I might not be able to do it right away.... depends on the amount of responses, I am human after all)

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got a reply. free set has been claimed. Now only have 5 sets going for free of gold to craft it. You need to supply mats.