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Anyone here ever play the Hell Unleashed mod for Diablo 2? Ladder is resetting on it tomorrow.

For those who haven't played its basically like another expasion to the game Diablo 2. New bosses, new enemies, new items, new maps, new skills, new hirelings, etc. The challenge level of the game is way higher than normal Diablo 2. I remember on normal Diablo 2 I could solo the end boss Baal in 10 seconds flat with a smiter. On D2 Hell Unleashed Baal can take 20-30 minutes to kill JUST Baal, and it involves a ton of microing.

Real fun game, worth checking out for those who haven't played it or who are disapointed with Diablo 3. And like I said the reset starts tomorrow for the ladder. Any questions feel free to ask.