Diablo 3 Cheats and Bots

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So i posted this by mistake in the normal diablo forum at first. I was just curious if anyone has any clue what the plan is going to be for stopping malicious things in diablo 3. Im already seeing things pop up on youtube that players are doing for stupid sites. I heard they enabled warden to detect things, but whats the penalty? I mean should i just start using cheats if i wont be banned until the 3rd time? Personally i think blizzard is too nice to cheaters and botters. Why not just perma ban them instead? Someone who is cheating in the game is either already done, or just like to cheat. Either way if banned blizzard wont loose any money on players who where done, and players that like to cheat already know the risks and will rebuy the game. At least thats my opinion. Also bravo to gamespot for not having subscriptions auto selected when you join the site. I hate before forced to unsubscribe from things or unclick checked boxes. Magic the gathering card, gatecrash cards
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If they abuse it and use it to make profit , real money out of it . I bet it's gonne be a temp Bann for them.
They got what they deserve.


People are all whining that this games need internet connection but if it didn't had a internet connection. Everone would use cheats and wouldn't be fun anymore. Internet is part of life now .