DH or Monk Inferno helppp

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Hi there,


I've amassed some money to get me some gear. I'm at Act 1 of Inferno, and I can't do the Butcher. I need to pick one of these two classes to gear out first, and I'm stuck as which to pick.


My Monk playstyle is using Mantra of Eva with Dashing Strike to have a decent dodge ratio, while using a Vortex/WotHF for dmg. I have both heals, and 250 in all Res. I know I need more Res and more HP(21k), and possibly a shield over a second weapon for Dps(idk about that)


My WD is a Bear/Vision Quest clone, it needs more Res (210) and Hp(21k). It's armor is 3000(500 less than Monk).


My problem is this:


Monk is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper to gear due to "All or nothing" I also like playing Monk a tad more than WD. So the choice seems simple...but


I read Melee classes get ****ed on Act2+ on Inferno. I also read 1.03 changes this, so should I pick Monk and farm Act1/level my DH till then, or go WD? 



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