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So, I have a friend who's very excited about this game, and keeps telling me how awesome it'll be. I played the first and skipped the second because, well, it was pretty much a point-and-click slog through hordes of barely distinguishable enemies to accumulate gear that (except for limited online play) only you got to see. The story in each has been fairly bland this far--nothing heartwrenching or shocking or truly awe-inspiring...

Which leaves me Diablo 3 simply more of the same for those who so loved the first two? I played the beta for a little over an hour and was seriously, seriously underwhelmed. I don't want to go on and on with small gripes--nor to I mean to just out and bash this game without having explored it more...but does anyone suspect it'll be more than just (as I saw one person rather accurately put it) a game more suited to be played on an ipad or a phone.

Thing is, I felt the same way when Starcraft II came out. Stunned by how unchanged and formulaic it was, and yet surprised that it was so well reviewed...

Thoughts? And thanks.

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Well as you've seen with starcraft 2, Blizzard doesn't like to change things too much, and their storytelling skills aren't stellar either. Starcraft 2 was basically Starcraft in 3d, and Diablo 3 is going to simply be Diablo 2.5+WoW. Starcraft 2's focus was accomodating "esports", Diablo 3's focus is item hunting. You won't find innovation or good storytelling here, so unless you really like hack and slash, you probably won't enjoy Diablo 3. Personally I'll probably play the game because i played the first two, and I can't have any loose ends.
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It's more of Diablo 2.

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i honestly thought the beta was insanely dull... the graphics are nothing special, it felt like i was playing titan quest which is a diablo clone which was released about 8 years ago. however - diablo 2 was ALLLLLLLLLL about the cooperative multiplayer, extremely long level cap grind and COMPETITIVE trading/economy structure. you wanted the perfect character, you farmed items to trade for items that helped you get closer to your goal. it was certainly not a "kill diablo/baal, the end". it was kill boss after boss after boss solo to farm items. that is what diablo is about. item hunting and trading is insanely addictive. that is also why i'm worried about diablo 3.... the beta hasn't shown us ANYTHING. if it's easy to finish, get max level and 'good enough' equipment - there is literally zero longevity. the single player is always gonna be one of the most bland and uninspired games of all time. every diablo clone is the same.
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I'm a bit torn myself. I played with a friend through the open beta and it was rather a bit boring. My intellect constantly asked "is this really entertainment" and my hand sends me signals that I should probably stop clicking about now. It's incredibly simplistic, the atmosphere is more comical than dark (so far anyway) and the voice acting is so dreadfully bad that I'd preferred they just gave me plain text instead. The similiarities to WoW are of course obvious, which could be good or bad depending on your viewpoint.

To be fair, the open beta was basically just the tutorial part of the game. Blizzard promises it will get more epic later, and also more challenging obviously.

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I played the open beta that just happened and I loved it. I see a lot of people posting they didn't like the graphics, or thought it was boring. I guess maybe it's one of those games you love or hate. I thought the graphics were fine, and loved the art style.