Comparing Dual Wielded weapons to 2 handed

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Hi everyone,

This question probably has a very obvious answer but I've been unable to find it so far so I thought I'd ask here. Is this the right forum btw?

I was wondering if there was a way to clearly compare a 2-handed weapon with two single. For example; My Monk is equipped with a Fist weapon and a sword but I have a 2 handed staff that looks like it'll be pretty sweet. When I hover over it the base stats (life, dmg, prot) show compared with items equipped in both hands but it's hard to compare the intangible benefits like "chance of fear" or "spirit gained on hit" or "monster experience plus blah".

Is there a way to view all details on a single screen? Either both hands on screen alongside the dual wield or a stat comparison table?

The summary comparison is good however I don't base my decisions purely on those three stats.

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