Blizzard needs to add in a feature to stop people in friend list joining games.

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Annoying when I have people in my friends list joining my game whenever they want, I love the quick in and out of games but can they least a add a Accept or Decline option for those that want to just grind by themselves. Can't stop them joining and if they won't want to leave thats tough luck for me, If I quit out of the game I may be sent back to the start of a quest. Not a huge issue just it would be nice if they added in the option.

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There's an option in either social or gameplay to change that.

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yea there is an option to make it so they can't
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Set your status as "Busy" (red) or "Away" (yellow) and no one can join your game.
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turn off quick join

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what i rock socks (great name dude :)) said.. :)