Anyone experiencing horrific, game breaking lag?

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I only picked this up today, but it is pretty much unplayable due to horrific lag that I'm suffering. Often I will be running through an area only for enemies to spawn all around me, and I instantly lose health, as if the game loaded them and allowed them to attack me before it had caught up to my connection.

Often leaving and entering buildings can take 10-15 seconds with no load screens, just my character standing around whilst the game decides what I have clicked.

I have only played to the cathedral courtyard, but decided to stop since I don't want my first D3 playthrough to be plagued by lag and put me off the game completely.

Has anyone here experienced these problems? Is anyones game completely unaffected by this? I googled the issue and it seems others are experiencing these issues, but not in any great number.

WHY oh WHY make the SP game require an internet connection. There's anti piracy measures, and then there's this piece of sh*t.

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lately i've been getting bad lag sometimes. i don't know what's goin on. was fine until the past few days.
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Well.... Maybe I won't buy it just yet. lol

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I get lag sometimes. but thats because im on act 3 with high settings. but other than that, everything is perfect. try lowering your settings to see if that is the problem. If not than it is time you upgrade to a new piece of hardware.