Am I the only one completely BOTHERED by the item pick up system?

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As an over decade diablo fan I find it unacceptable and casual to the max. Theres no excuse for changing it, its what made diablo diablo. You know the risks you take when playing with a group. Anyone that complained about this isnt a real diablo fan, do you still hold your moms hand across the street? You sound like little children writing to santa.

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How is the item pick up system different from Diablo II?

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Am i the only one bothered by the monks russian accent?

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I assume that you're bothered by the indipendant loot drop system, but i'm personally all for it, i'll tell you why.

If you are adventuring by yourself and you kill a monster, you get one lot of drops, that may seem obvious, but with the new system, if you are in a party of 3, you essentially get 3 lots of drops (providing that your party members are willing to trade and share). I'm not sure if i am entirely for this overload of loot, however, it really does act to keep the party adventuring together, as their chances of finding better gear multiply when they fight as a team.

Too often in diablo 2 people would run off in different directions to try and find that shiny gold treasure chest for themselves, and it defeated the point of playing co-op.

Just something to think about, altho i do miss that mad rush when you hear an amulet drop.