Diablo 2,the game...the myth...the legend.

User Rating: 10 | Diablo II PC
Diablo 2 is a legend when it comes to PC games. Even though the graphics are from over a decade ago the game mechanics are for a lack of a better word "perfect". Diablo 2 is probably the best dungeon crawler game of all time, in my humble opinion. If you want to chat after your done playing D2 has a "Lobby" which is a huge multi-channel chat room which also has the great feature of showing off your character. The itemization in D2 has no equal, you can play for years and still find new powerful items you never saw before. D2 allows you to create private games of if you want to play with friends you can create a game with up to 8 players. D2 has a Ladder system, if you are a competitive player and a hardcore mode if you like living on the edge of life and death. I could go on for 3 pages of whats great about Diablo 2 but I wont. Buy it, play it and see how addictive it truly is.