Addictiveness strikes AGAIN!

User Rating: 9.5 | Diablo II: Lord of Destruction PC
When we bought our pc back in 2002, I came across this game while browsing in the files and it was like destiny when I found it. I quickly was sucked in the story and the game play, it was just hours of plain fun until the screen suddenly froze just when I was gonna beat Diablo and there appeared the blue screen of death. YIKES! It was then in 2009 when we got a pretty decent computer that I decided to play it again, still I was sucked in with addicting game play and great story line.

You get to choose between five classes, I chose the druid first which for me is the most powerful( just an opinion). The story starts off with a dark figure visiting an old man, the old man tells him of his journey and how he met a dark wanderer. It's story is really well-made and the cut scenes are superb and very realistic even up to today's standards. You unlock cut scenes after every Chapter you finish and again, it still amazes me because to think that it was released back in 2001.. it's an unbelievable achievement by Blizzard. Now the game play,the game put it in simple terms is just plain fun. Killing minautours, zombies, demons and other unworldly creatures is so much fun and it never gets old. Trust me, I played it numerous times with all of the five classes and I still want to play it again now. Lastly, the graphics have obviously been enhanced and improved from the first game and even though the graphics if compared to today's games are quite dated, it doesn't matter because story and game play will just suck you right in.

Overall, I give it 9.5/10 because of it's story and game play, it has minor flaws but what game doesn't.