i'd just start off by saying this is an istant classic and a must own for pc gamers

User Rating: 10 | Diablo II PC
Really, I don't have words to describe this game.....besides that its totally FRICKEN AWESOME. This game may be 9 years old, but its still a great classic. Its just fun to play this game over and over and trying to beat it on harder levels. Graphics wise, there basically the same as the First Diablo. It was disappointing to find that Diablo 2 has the same graphics as the first one, but heck,it was still a hell of a game. For diablo fans all over the world, I would have to say this is a must own, and if you don't already have it, get it, you'll love it from the first time you actually play it. The game its self is basically almost like diablo 1, but not quite. In this Diablo, your not just climbing down dungeons and facing off bosses, ohhh no no no. In this game you'll travel from far away places and also climb down dungeons as you try to find missing pieces to kill off what is haunting people in the area you're at. With the expansion, there's even more fun. There's new things to kill and a whole lot of Armour and other stuff added into it. Then will all the patches that gamespot has to add to the game, It makes it even better. All together i would have to give this action RPG A hell of a rating , 10m/10, Its that great of a game lol