At first it was great great GREAT! ...but then you just do everything all over again 100 times...

User Rating: 7.5 | Diablo II PC

The general feeling is great. There are mysteries and evil in every corner, but you are all powerful to make a change.

Along with a good general feeling in games come GREAT music! There is a lot of work put into it and it helps the players to keep on playing a loooong time.

The skills and skill trees are cool. There are a lot to learn but at the same time you need to focus on a good combination for when the characters higher levels.

The different hero characters to use is very different from each other but are still similar in power.

There is absolutely no bugs or errors in this game!

The graphic is not much for gamers today (2010), but it was ok when the game came. The monsters are cool and the areas likewise.

The story is thrilling.


To repetitive! When you have finished the game once with a character you want to continue with it because of the lvl30 skills that you surely havn't used to much at that point. So you continue and start to maximize the character. At some point you wan't to find better artifacts instead of just hunting for XP. So you make Bhaalruns or Mephistoruns (meaning that you enter a game and go directly to a boss for the artifacts he drops when dying). By now you are trapped in a repetitive behavior already... and you havn't even tried all hero characters!!