Perfect RPG

User Rating: 9 | Diablo II: Lord of Destruction PC
Fascinating game if your into RPGs. If your into WOW or Runescape and you think those are to hard(wow i can see) but if so, try this game out(with buying diablo 2 first). This game i will say will go down in the books as the best expansion I've ever played with an rpg. Neverwinter nights was a pretty good game...but it didnt make sense, if you know what i mean. Neverwinter nights was a basic diablo rpg that was a puzzle. It wanted you to do to much in the game, but diablo just does it plain and simple. Everything you need is right there were your at in the game. You don't have to travel clear to the other side of the world just to get one quest done. Diablo just plain and simple is a wonderful rpg. Even the first one was really good. Even though the graphics for it were horrible, it still was a great game. Now the game Diablo2 plain and simple is FRICKEN amazing. It was by far the best rpg i had ever laid my eyes on at that time. Though, the graphics were still those of the 1990's, it was still an Awsome game. The story line was also alot better than that of Diablo. You weren't just going up an down in dungeons, you were actually traveling from island to island. I thought it was alot better than the first Diablo, but then again beggers can't be choosers. Here i sign off, good luck to you gamers