One of the most timeless pieces in the history of gaming.

User Rating: 8.5 | Diablo II PC
Get ready to spring up some coffee and get ready for some serious sleepless nights! Demon hunting is boring? NOT! Diablo 2 gives testament to the fact that hack-n-slash games aren't dead. This game is a legend and even considered as the mother of hack and slash games.

True enough, we have no dull moments in playing as the brilliant story line motivates you to play more and more that it becomes addictive. The premise of the story is that Diablo, the youngest of the prime evils is once again roaming Sanctuary in the form of the Dark Wanderer as he seeks to free his brother Baal who's imprisoned in an ancient temple buried in the deserts long ago and Mephisto. They seek to reunite to overthrow heaven's powers to end the war and wreak havoc on Sanctuary. You are an unlikely hero who goes up to the task of slaying each of the three prime evils, Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal(if you have installed the Lord of Destruction expansion) and two lesser ones, Andariel and Duriel, along with their countless minions with your superb fighting skill.

While Diablo 1 had quests divided into dungeons, its successor divides the quests into 4 acts(5 if you install the expansion) and you must travel through different environment in order to come face to face with the Prime Evil himself. As always, you will always start from scratch as you build your inventory and purchase more advanced equipment to aid you in your struggle. You can choose from 5 unique characters: Rouge, Necromancer, Barbarian, Paladin and Sorceress. The expansion introduces the Assassin and Druid. Each of these folks have unique abilities and it's up to you to utilize them as you hack your way to victory and salvation. There are also a few folks to help you out and give you friendly advice such as Deckard Cain and the Archangel Tyrael. Remember too that the game can be played in 3 difficulties: Normal, Nightmare and Hell. The game also allows you to create "hardcore" characters which dies permanently and cannot be played again. These, along with Blizzard's Battlenet service offer more spice to your gaming experience.

All in all, this is a timeless game worth adding to your collection. Because NOT EVEN DEATH CAN SAVE YOU FROM HIM...