Most Battlenet players install LOD. It's totally addicting all right, but rehab and PhDs eased me out of battlenet.

User Rating: 8 | Diablo II: Lord of Destruction PC
I have been playing this game for a very long time and im still finding more and more things to do that i have never done before! If u have never played this game then you need to try it! When u do try Diablo 2 make sure you at least know a little about this game trust me it is awesome! there are thousands of items to use Swords, Shields, Armor, boots, belts etc. but don't just believe me try it for yourself there are also SETS to collect that make your character look really good and give a serious boost in every ability. there are 8 different characters but you can make many different "specialty" for your character! like for an assassin you can make pure martial arts assassin, for sorcerer you can make pure fire or ice OR lightning! There are sooo many different ways to go about creating your character but don't choose just one make many characters if you like. you can also play online for no extra charge and have others help you out in your game as u also can help them! you can trade items or gold if you'd like many things and friends to find! my account on D2 is listed as my name so contact me if you need some help or just want to know the ropes :)

The player can level up so much in Act 5 where its always worth it next to the cow level of course. Everybody knows that. I don't think anything important has changed since 2008 when I last logged into Battlenet. Diablo 2 was in its mainstream twilight hours. This is THE game that high schoolers play now-a-days. It is the only game that I played in high school in 2000 and even in 2009, high schoolers continue the legacy to my knowledge.

-20 points for terrible graphics and only impressive gameplay. It's not on the same level Halo 3, Metroid Prime 3 or MGS4.