Diablo II... F@%#ing amazing! If you want a hard, bloody, killer game. This is for you. Diablo II is one of the best.

User Rating: 9.5 | Diablo II: Lord of Destruction PC
Diablo II LOD is one of my favorite pc games. It isn't the newest game it the world but it is a game that will keep you playing it over and over again. The massive amounts of blood and gore makes you feel like the best there is when you kill a mini boss and a huge pile of guts splashes out in a huge wave all over the ground.
The story in this game is amazing. If you played Diablo you will recognize many of the old characters within the game and they even have the same voices. I can't wait to see what Diablo III does with there story to link it with the past two games. Diablo II isn't as scary as the first Diablo but has a lot of the same ups and alot less downs.
There are seven characters to choose from and they all have amazing skills and powers. Then there is hardcore mode, you can only die once in hardcore mode and then game is over! After you beat the game once you get to start new characters in hardcore or start the game over on a new and harder difficulty with the character you beat the game with.