THE SEQUEL TO A MASTERPIECE does it live up to it's processer?

User Rating: 9.5 | Diablo II PC
IT'S BEEN 5 YEARS since diablo came out it was time for a sequel does it live up to the masterpiece? yes it i suppose you want facts and proof..well here you go in a nice little list.


#1 still has classes

#2 great new monsters and quests.

#3 the addition to roam the country instead of a dungeon is nice.

#4 the barbarian and necromancer are great additions to the roster.(my 2 favorites that's why i say that)

#5 each class has unique skills and dialogue.

#6 the cutscenes are epic.

#7 some great new bosses

#8 they still follow the main quest kill diablo.

#9 blizzard still remebers the original and it clearly shows.

#10 it still has amazing music.

THE BAD STUFF :( < 2 total>

#1 outdated graphics

#2 some bosses are too hard and it takes countless tries to defeat them.

it's definatly 100% diablo so if your a fan of the original then try this you'll be pleased..nothing's really changed (just the classes monsters, and world.) but it's really beautiful..and they put a lot of work in it and it really shows.