wow,you really need this game if you have a PC.

User Rating: 10 | Diablo II PC
ok lets just say this now-this game is really good.if you dont have it go buy it.its only $20 and its totally worth it.the game is very addictive and youll probley get used to it in 1-2 days.there are 5 classes in the game:the barbarian,witch is a heavy melee player,paladin,a holy party leader,sorceress and magic woman(suprise),amazon,a mercenarie with a bow javalin or spear,necromancer,a dead summoning dark curse using mage.the games is in 4 acts.all are very fun and long.and the replay value is VERY can play for about 7-8 years like me,and STILL not get bored.get the game youll love it.