Slightly overrated. At first the game was interesting but afterward it became boring.

User Rating: 7.5 | Diablo II PC
Graphics : Fine but yet not too good but comparing to time in which game was made and even today its graphics are workable.

Difficulty : Easy ! No back force nothing ! When you get killed you again appear without weapons and in other words the game never ends ! Moreover why killed ? After playing a lot you have town portal scrolls which save you every time and healing potions and portal points also.

Music and sound effect : Good and that's the one reason I gave the game 7.5 otherwise it would have been 7.0 or something.

Campaign and story : Lol ! The game was itself campaign. Story was fine and campaign too , yet I will not say good.

Gameplay : At first I started playing the game with zeal and fervor. Then I got extremely bored. At first you gain experience , find weapons and accomplish missions, level up and learning skills etc.. After completing one map you go to other and repeat same things killing monsters and all. You keep on repeating same things. No twists and thrills and turning points in the games ! Not because game is long but because of repetition of same things makes the game boring afterward - playing for long times.

Value : Fine.

Tilt : that's ok .

Controls : Fine :)

Artificial Intelligence : Poor !

Enjoyment : As pointed out , the game was interesting at beginning then got extremely boring. After defeating Baal , the hard mode was unlocked. Then I said to myself - "I'm not silly who will play hard mode thus continuing same maps all over again !"

I'll give same review for its expansion : diablo II - lord of destruction.