An epic action RPG.

User Rating: 10 | Diablo II: Lord of Destruction PC
This review has been long overdure (9 years to be precise)

This game holds a special place in my heart. Words cannot describe the complexity of the Diablo franchise. The lore and setting are some of the finest ever created in video game history. The feeling of venturing out in the wilderness knowing that hordes of demons await is what makes this game unforgettable and highly replayable.

The first Diablo was an original masterpiece, it was a virtual board game, and it's atmospheric setting made it highly addictive and rewarding even though its core mechanics remained simplistic, (much to the distaste of hardcore RPG fans, which were not in favor of the hack and slash genre).

Diablo 2 in many ways surpasses its predecessor in every possible aspect, unfolding its story to cover a huge amount of content while keeping the progression fresh and exciting. The production values are top notch, as I've said I don't need cutting edge 3d graphics as long as the game-play is excellent, and it is here that Diablo 2 truly succeeds. For it's art style and direction the 2d/3d perspective visuals fit perfectly together, creating dark and foreboding worlds, giving it the classic board game impression which is nostalgic and accurately depict the Diablo universe. So the visuals of this game are a strong point and much better this time around than the original.

As for the music in Diablo 2, I can only say that is is brilliantly composed, actually so good that is makes some high profile movie scores pale in comparison. The dialogue and voice acting is on par, and immerses the player into the experience.

D2 - Lord Of Destruction will undoubtedly remain one of, if not THE best action RPG of all time, as it captured Blizzard North's vision and is likely to never be surpassed by another title, even though some have desperately tried (titan quest). For me D2 - LOD remains one of the best PC games of all time, because of its simplicity, yet striking depth and endless replay value. This game has stood the test of time and will be played for another decade to come.

I implore anyone to play this game and to experience this gem, as it stands as a monument for a time where the art of making games was much different than it is today, it was fueled by passion and true dedication to it's legacy and fanbase.

NOTE: Playing the game using an openGL to Glide wrapper will unlock the game's full visual potential. Good luck in finding the lord of terror, and may you be ready when you do.