This game is a very good chess game on the gameboy advance!!!!!

User Rating: 7.3 | Dexter's Laboratory: Chess Challenge GBA
I played this game and I was really impresed by this game.

Gameplay: If you play Chess before, then you will know what to expect from this game. The effects are really good and you have all the players from the television series.

Graphics: The graphics in this game are very good. The players are good and beautiful and the areas are barely colorful. And of course you have some great beautiful effects.

Sound: The sound in this game is probaly the worst thing about this game. There is barely sound in this game so I can not explain no more about the game's sound.

Value: If you like playing Chess, you can play for hours and hours trying to finish the tournament and become the champion. If you don't like playing chess then you have no reason to buy this game.

Reviewer's tilt: Overall this game is an awsome chess game for the gameboy advance and you should definitely want to go and try this one out.