Quantum physics is hard, this is Devil May Cry.

User Rating: 8.7 | Devil May Cry (Platinum) PS2
Solved the mystery about Schrödinger's cat? Disproved Einstein's theory of relativity? Slaughtered Maxwell's demon? And now your up for a real challenge?

Then step up to the fray as Dante, half demon, half human, half mog. He has to take on a hunted mansion filled with demons, monsters, evil puppets and such. Don't kid yourself, I you don't unlock the easy mode (Die 3 times), your in for a challenge. A real challenge. You should have your therapist on hold; just in case.

The graphics are good, with good looking models, and beautiful special effects. There really arent any hiccups in the graphics. The music is where its at, with a heavy, really heavy, self gravity-generating heavy soundtrack. This one of the best suited soundtracks for a game you're gonna hear in a long time, plus guns and such sounds good too...

So, worth picking up? Yep, but remember to add the price of your therapist's bill to the total costs, 'cause this game is gonna give you a mental breakdown.