A decent addition but flawed

User Rating: 5 | Devil May Cry 5 XONE

DMC 5 is kind of a middle of the road addition to the franchise for me. It's a nice change-up from what was but it doesn't necessarily paint a good picture of what will be.

Splitting the story among 3 different characters was a bad idea. Not to say that I didn't like playing as multiple characters but 3 was too much. V should have been a story only character and not playable. He was too overpowered and that turned his missions into a boring button-mashing drag rather than having an actual challenge. Nero was the star IMO. He had a great gameplay balance and you play as him for a majority of the game. Dante was a nice addition later on in the game and since he wasn't really the main focus, It made playing as him a treat for fans.

The story kind of disappointed me as well because unless you have some kind of familiarity with DMC 3 and 4, You are gonna be a bit lost. And to be honest, The plot did nothing to interest me. See with the original reboot, It was a clean slate story-wise. With DMC 5, It felt kind of muddled and poorly put together. There wasn't enough going on to really captivate me or make me interested and that was a big problem IMO.

Also, The whole devil breaker system is just utter bull. I never once bought any or not did I bother upgrading them because it has so little value in the actual game. To be honest, I hadn't bought any upgrades from mission 9 or 10 on. There was no need. I was blazing right through it without them and since every character has their own upgrades and you pretty much play as a different character each level from mission 9 on, I didn't see a point to favour one character over the other. That is another deep flaw in the gameplay that should be addressed in the next instalment.

Other things I noticed was that the targeting system didn't always work the best and the camera was more of a hindrance than a help. Boss fights didn't offer much of a challenge and dodging was incredibly annoying to perform. To end this review on a high note, I was glad that they limited the amount of platforming that was featured in other DMC games. That was always a sloppy part of the game so it was nice to see that get ditched.

Overall: 5/10
The Devil Breaker system needs to go. They need to slim down how many characters you play as so upgrading them holds more weight. They also need to focus on telling a more compelling story rather than trying to split a short narrative over 3 different characters. Plus polishing the gameplay mechanics would go a long way as well.