It's all about fighting demons, the power of love... you know, things like that.

User Rating: 9 | Devil May Cry 4 X360
I don't have the habit of following up with game series. In fact, I should be calling myself a "new gamer" and it's only now that I decided to follow up with the Devil May Cry series. I only played the first game before this one, so I shouldn't say much about the series, but I thought that this game was actually pretty good.

You are in the role of Nero, a young lad that recently acquired a demonic power and decided to use it to... fight demons. That is, until he found out that the Order which he follows has a dark side itself.

Those who have played the previous games will feel relatively familiar with Devil May Cry 4. The initial characters are all brand new, but the gameplay works the same, some enemies are the same and you have a couple of new abilities. At the end of each chapter there is a sub boss, as usual. There are several different sub-challenges hidden within the stages and they test how well you can use your abilities of attacking, defending, evading and even taunting.

There are no complex puzzles in this game and soon enough you'll feel like you have been doing the same things over and over again and even going through frustrating obstacles, but after going through them you will face interesting bosses with different modus operandi. If you think that things are too easy, each time you finish the game in a certain difficulty, you will unlock greater difficulties and abilities. If you are a fan of the Devil May Cry series, you will certainly not be disappointed with this game.