Technically excellent, but feels a bit dated in terms of its level design.

User Rating: 8.5 | Devil May Cry 4 X360
Devil May Cry series comes finally to Xbox360 and in it Castlevania meets Ninja Gaiden while taking a few puzzle solving bits from Zelda.

Young white haired Nero is a member of a religious group called Order of The Sword. During a ceremony Dante – the antihero from previous DMC games – interrupts the process and kills His Holiness, the leader of the order. Nero engages to an outstanding battle, which he of course loses. Second in command of the Order is Credo who sends Nero to hunt down Dante. As you might expect, that's not all and there's lots of demonic powers involved and the fate of the world is at stake and so on and so forth.

Story is told through magnificent looking CG cutscenes and they are long and many. At times you might want to progress the actual game just to see what the next cutscene has to offer. Subtitles are in by default, but you can turn them off if you wish.

Graphics are outstanding, detailed and colorful with changing themes and environments. Trust me: you want to experience this in a widescreen HD-TV. Loading is done often, but they are very short so they don't disrupt the gameplay seriously. Frame rate runs smoothly all the time, but for some reason the interaction with the environment itself is very limited. Mostly you can just walk in them without the ability to do anything: no cutting down trees and no breaking windows (unless the game specifically wants you to do so). In terms of its level design DMC4 is not top notch quality and in this day and age game environments should be destructible.

Gameplay consists of 20 missions and about 13 of them are played as Nero and 7 as Dante. As a third person action game most of the time is spent in moving from point to point and fighting against demons. Combat system is fun and you can create your own combos to deal with opposition swiftly. Combos and other abilities can also be bought every now and then. You can also play the same missions as many times as you wish and every time gain more points and unlock abilities. This means that completing Devil May Cry 4 is only a matter of patience and skill on a higher – Demon Hunter – difficulty setting.

You can save anywhere anytime, but if you reset your game in mid-mission you'll need to start from the beginning. This means that saving in mid-mission will only save your points and stats. There are checkpoints in every mission and there are enough of them.

Boss fights are the best part in Devil May Cry 4: they are very big and epic. Unfortunately there's a taste of recycling, because you fight against each of them twice: first as Nero and then as Dante.

Unfortunately not everything is great in DMC4. Gameplay feels a little dated at times with invisible walls and especially with fixed camera angles. At times the camera makes the game harder than it otherwise would be, because you have trouble to see what's ahead of you. Also platforming bits don't really work, because the system has been built as a combat system. All of these drawbacks can't ruin the fact that Devil May Cry 4 is still a great game and a worthy of purchase.

DMC4 is not a perfect game, but it's still a great way to introduce Xbox owners into the world of Demon Hunters.