[()CONSUMERS CHOICE ()] the first big hit of 2008 Is now Available . read this review and you will understand why .

User Rating: 9 | Devil May Cry 4 X360
At first I should say I waited for this game for nearly 2 years because I was one of the biggest fan of devil may cry series .my major concern was about XBOX 360 version but after finishing the game I understood that this game is even better on XBOX 360 due to Achievement system. Does this game worth your time and waiting ? the answer is a loud YES , YES ,YES. The first stunning aspect of DMC4 is its visuals .
The CAPCOM ENGINE which is the same engine used for lost planet and upcoming Resident Evil 5 is under the hood and it is really neat . the texture are really good the lighting is superb and the environment is so detailed .the character ,s models are really great every character is detailed specially the screen filling gigantic monsters and bosses are really good and barley any game had them before. the game consist of 18 so levels and you will see from snowy mountains and huge castles to sunny streets and beautiful forests( the forest in DMC4 is visually the best forest in a video game after crysis) . unlike the last games in this series DMC4 is extremely huge and most of the time you play in out door areas . the game looks very gorgeous both in standard TV and HD- TV . this game is fast paced game so if you loose one second then you will get hit so you must act like a hero and for that gamers need a solid frame rate . fortunately the game run smoothly at 60 FPS all the time no matter you are fighting with a huge boss with lots of stunning fire effects or a large arena with dozens of enemies . there are loading times in 360 version but there are not a lot of them an also they are not too long . the music and sounds are awesome and voice over is so good. You may ask what about controlling and there is the answer it is not viva so the control may seem a bit complex in the first few hours but the great tutorial system is with you and you will definitely learn the whole controlling in less than 2 hours .there are lots of boss fight in this game (also the best and purest parts of the game )and you will find your self enjoining boss fights so much .
remember "SO MUCH" .
For XBOX 360 (X) is shooting with gun (Y) is for sword attacking (B) is devil bringer (A) is jump and maneuver (RB) is locking and maneuvering (LB) is for turning into a powerful demonic mode (LT) is for powering up your sword and so on .unlike the other XBOX 360 games you wont use game pad triggers so much and the control is very similar to PS3 version . it is definitely the best possible control and it is okay . You can do many artistic attacks and movements during the game play (also if you press back button you can act a funny stuff such as bowing to your enemy or inviting him to battle you and many thing else.)
The game is full of SUPERB BEAUTIFULL STYLISH cut scenes from start to end . this time the story is more than just haunting demons and there are some romance and love story involved . a religious organization known as "order of the sword" worships sparda and NERO is one of them but he is not a monk he is a young warrior and protect the order and his beloved girl but the story is more than good versus bad
[expect surprise] and there is a relation between NERO and DANTE (both playable both crazy for demon haunting both are interested in girls !!!!) .there are many surprise but unfortunately I do not want to spoil it but just so you know THE LAST BOSS is a big surprise. The game is long enough in comparison with the other action games.
Time of finishing is totally depends on difficulty and the player itself . if you play the game on the easiest difficulty and would not care about gaining orbs or finding secret missions or searching the beautiful environments and you are good at finding ways without confusing you may finish the game in 8-9 hours but if you want to take advantage of the game you may finish the game in 20 or so hours . the puzzles are a big part in this game and a bit harder than before but not frustrating .it is mostly about finding a magical stuff or using devil bringer and so on. I finished the game once and I do not know whether there is another ending or not but I am fairly sure that the game is liner but totally cinematic . you can find the most professional motion capture in this game and you feel the characters are alive. There is not lots of blood in the game but there are some in cut scenes and also there is little amount of sexual content in the game but it is suitable for teens and is a must play game for every action gamer . DEVIL MAY CRY 4 is the first big game of 2008 and we started this glory year with lots of fun .