As you may expect, DMC is all about flashy and over-the-top action. Unfrotunately, it's also about repetition.

User Rating: 8 | Devil May Cry 4 PS3
When the first 'Devil May Cry' game came out for the PS2, I was floored. Never before had I played an action game that was this stylish and fun. It introduced us to a great new character (Dante) and gave Capcom another killer franchise. Unfortunately, the second game in the series (Devil May Cry 2) was one of the most disappointing games on the PS2. With 'Devil May Cry 3', Capcom redeemed themselves with an excellent game even if it was brutally difficult. With 'Devil May Cry 4', Capcom tries to intoduce us to a new lead character (although Dante is still in the game) while keeping with the series tradition of stylish combat and crazy combos.

In many ways, Capcom has succeeded. 'DMC4' is a very fun game and the combat is still a blast. The game looks outstanding, especially the gorgeous cut-scenes. While I preferred to play as Dante, the new character (Nero) adds his own twists to the combat. While playing as Nero, the game is easier, but doesn't have as much depth. If you have played the older games in the series, you will know what to expect here in terms of combat.

What you may not expect here the massive amount of repetition. Not only does the game recycle a lot of the same enemies over and over, but the developer makes the mind-numbing decision to make you re-play most of the levels AND you have to re-do all of the boss battles. I have been very tough on Japanese game development in my reviews and here is a great example why. Making the player re-play levels & bosses is just an artificial way to pad the gameplay time. And when will Japanese companies realize that the cheesy guitar rock music that repeats over and over during each fight is not a good idea?

As you will find with a lot of Japanese games, 'DMC4' combines stylish, over-the-top combat, excellent graphics and cut-scenes with a few terrible design choices, horrible cheesy rock music, and some major repetition. In the end, the good outweighs the bad and 'DMC' is a very fun game. Unfortunately, like many Japanese game companies these days, Capcom can't seem to get out of it's own way and is still designing games like it's the '90's. And that's what keeps this series from reaching the potential that the excellent original game teased us with.