An amazing game that is a little too difficult at times and a bit repetitive.

User Rating: 9 | Devil May Cry 4 X360
I absolutely love this game. That said, it is not without it's flaws. The story is great. Nero is an extremely engaging character who is easy to like. Add on his 'special' arm and you're ready for some of the best looking combos in video games. Coupled with a driving soundtrack and a good swarm of enemies and combat seems like fun...that is, until you realize just how fast that swarm can attack. Early on, the difficult is never too much of a problem by the end, it is easy to say that most gamers will be frustrated. To top this off, you have to switch in the middle to playing as series protagonist Dante and have to backtrack through the past environments. Backtracking with a new character with a new move set through familiar environments fighting the same enemies is not nearly as much as it should be. Dante has some very visually spectacular animations and some of his weapons are jaw-dropping, but he requires you to learn a different strategy to play as him effectively. Dante does not have a devil arm; he has style changes. These style changes are cool but I found myself missing Nero's devil arm. The game is a challenge but there were only a couple of points where the game feels unfair, particularly a boss fight near the end that goes on for longer than it should. Looking at the game on a whole, it is an amazing game with great characters, a great story, great graphics, and great music that unfortunately suffers from repetitive combat, monotonously backtracking to the same locals you've been to earlier, and some moments of hair-pulling frustration and a relentless combat system that will always challenge, and potentially frustrate, the player.