just one word amazing

User Rating: 10 | Devil May Cry 4 PC
devil may cry 4 is the new installment to the devil may cry franchise,and it is better than other DMCs in terms of game play,graphics and the story.

very fast and entertaining with lots of puzzles here and there,monsters are very funny in the game and one feel really good to play this game.
new weapons are really cool and the ability to buy weapons and orbs are great,even the boss fights are really well written and executed,overall gameplay is perfect.

graphics are really great,especially the graphics of cut scenes,and in game play also the graphics looks really beautiful,character designing is very well done.

very entertaining with lots of emotions filled into it,and the rivalry between the new character Nero and Dante is very entertaining,especially the fights between them,Nero is a very cool new character,and he looks really handsome and dashing in the game,Dante's look is also really good.
overall story is up to the mark and have the potential to keep everyone entertain till the end of the game'

This game is very well ported in the PC,well done CAPCOM,

on the whole.this game can keep anybody entertain from first to the last,so it is worth playing game,just try it out