You won't believe what you will see

User Rating: 9.5 | Devil May Cry 4 PC
The game play and the graphics are awesome but the combos are hard and the game even harder itself. the upgrades are expensive and red orbs are for buying items only and the game uses proud souls for upgrades. you play the game as Nero for 14 missions: the first 12 and the 2 at the end and in the space between these missions you play as Dante who has returned badder than anytime with Rebellion, Gilgamesh, Lucifer, Shotgun, Ebony and Ivory and Pandora. Nero also has Red Queen and Blue Rose and also a Devil arm called devil bringer, which devil bringer's origin is still those of unknown. Also Nero and Dante they both have devil trigger. For once Virgil is not the bad guy and the bad guy is actually His Holiness. Stylish ranks also make an awesome return. and you will be influenced and forced to watch all cut scenes because of the high graphics and the perfect dialogue and sounds and the perfect visual effect.