DMC 4 is another great game of this great franchise,it rocks a lot,you should get it for your PS3 system right now!

User Rating: 8.5 | Devil May Cry 4 PS3
Devil May Cry 4 is another awesome game in the series...If you never played DMC,and this is your oportunity to play at first time,try it,cause you will like it a lot,consider it a 9.0!!But those who played DMC since the original one,DMC4 could be another stunning game but not so awesome as DMC3 was,but even so,from the franchise this one is my 2nd favourite,not just because the graphics are one of the best graphics i've ever saw,but also the gameplay is perfect!The abillities you gain in this game are simply amazing and addictive!There are some remarkable parts,and there is a new character in it!!Nero is the new character,a character that i didn't like it at all at the beginning but as i was playing the game,it become a lot addictive to play with,but still,at stage 12 you play as Dante,and guess what,the tricks are still there,all of them,from DMC3,and also the amazing music in the battles!There are some parts that could be better,like fighting more than once the same bosses,but you fight with Dante instead of fighting with Nero,but even so,you play two times against the bosses,something that they could try to make a little bit different,but for a fan it is ok ;) !If you never played,i guess you should try it out,and it will be a positive experience certainly,so buy it and be a pro,because the game is a bit difficult lol.