I don't know how people gave this game above a 7.0

User Rating: 7 | Devil May Cry 4 PS3
I first played the original DMC back in 2001 and I loved it. It was a great action game for it's day with nothing that really compared. I skipped DMC 2 and DMC 3 and went straight for DMC 4 on ps3. Needless to say I was letdown by all the hype of this game. Really.. nothing has changed in the gameplay mechanics at all over the 7 year period between the first and the fourth installement. You're a new character Nero he has a Sword, a Gun, and a Demon Hand. I could go through the entire game without ever using the gun if I wanted to. So now we have the Sword and Demon Hand. You typically fight about 3-5 demons at a time in a narrow space with bad camera views and you can easily just keeping hitting O to grab demons with your Demon Hand to finish them over and over again. It's not completly bad though there are some fun battles and boss battles are kinda of easy but nevertheless it's okay. My main problem with this game is the FRUSTRATING camera angles. I hate the camera view!! There was this one secret mission I was doing that was really easy.. I had to reach the top of place by jumping from red portal to red portal. The problem is the camera view sucked so bad I could never see where the next one was til I missed it. I could of kept trying and eventually completed it but I was to annoyed and I just wanted to get through the game so I could go on to other games that I want to complete. I don't know after playing action games like GOD of War .. Devil May Cry 4 seems so LACKING.. for better words. The story is poor. The Graphics are poor. The level designs are poor and repetetive. The sword you have only has like 4 combo's to unlock. The major problem like I said before is the god forsaken semi-fixed camera .. errrrrrrrr I will be playing Devil May Cry DMC and hopefully that game has made major improvements because if it's anything like DMC 4 then I might be done with this fanchise all together.

All in all this game brought me back to 2001 when I was 15 years old playing this cool demon action game that I loved. Sadly not much has changed with this game. There are way more better action games out there. God of War crushes this game in every single aspect. Castlevania: Lords of Shadows was a great game. Just for the record.. Caslevania: Lords of Shadows only received a 7.5 by Gamespot and Devil May Cry 4 received a 8.0. I think those scores should be swapped!!!! I usually do agree with Gamespot reviews but not on this one. Sorry!!