Colourful combat and great graphics make Devil May cry 4 a worthy addition to the series.

User Rating: 9 | Devil May Cry 4 PS3
This is one hot game! The graphics are great, the combat is awesome and
the graphics are great! The only bad things are: clumsy dodges, some moves are hard to pull of and not worth it, some frustration get in the way of the fun.

Now lets start.

Story has never really been The Devil may cry series's strong point, but DMC4 has quite a good story, but I wont tell you to much. DMC4 stars a new character called Nero, who has a demonic arm, he's cool, powerfull and like-able. You can play as Dante half way through the game, he's still the same, he's got the same moves, personality and a coolness as DMC3 (except he's older).

The game play's out like the 3rd DMC but with some upgraded combat. Dante can switch between styles on the go, although his moves are practically the same as DMC3 he has some cool new weapons (he still has Ebony & Ivory and Rebellion). Nero has his own new move's and abilities, he has a new sword called Red Queen and a new gun called Blue Rose. Although these are the only weapons Nero gets, they come with allot of moves to make up for it.
Nero's Demonic arm is called "Devil Bringer", it allows him to pick up Devils, smash them around and throw them. One bad thing about Nero is that his gun is useless, its weak and does'nt up the style gauge, you will end up using it to keep Nero in the air for a bit longer. That said, Nero is still awesome, he can stay in the air for ages hacking up enemies from the air, but he's slower than Dante meaning dodging enemies is a painfull business,
Nero can't just stop attacking and roll out of the way like Dante, so you will sometimes be unable to avoid an incoming attack. Nero's tactic is "kill everything before they kill you", luckily enemies don't do an insane amount of damage.

Devil may cry 4 looks great, the enemies move in realistic ways and look superb, the frame rate stays solid, the cut scenes are amazing, shadow's could have been better though.
Also the voice acting is pretty good, in previous DMC's the voice acting sounds a bit cheesy, but here it sounds good.
This game will bring back some old friends of the previous games, some people wont like the fact that they have to fight the same enemies
that they had to fight on the first game, but it only brings back to enemies so I don't really mind. What it does bring back is the bosses, some of the bosses have to be fought three times, but as I said before, I don't really mind. And don't worry about backtracking, you go through all the places twice once as Nero and once as Dante.

One thing I would like to warn people about is that the movie, demo thing it plays before going to the main menu has spoilers so skip it. I dunno why but it does, although it is some cool footage.

Devil may cry 4 lets you upload your ranking online so you and your friends can see who is the best in the WORLD!!! Muhahaha!

Devil May Cry 4 is worthy of the series, there's some trash talk going round that its the worst in the series, I say its just as good as the 3rd DMC, so I recommend it to everyone who has read and believed these trash talkers saying its a load of rubbish. This game is super! (can't be worse than
DMC: Devil may cry!)