Awesome game,an absolute blast,awesome lvl's from the most easy to the hardest

User Rating: 10 | Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition PS2
This is my favorite game,I love it. There's 20 levels,you play as Dante who is trying to prevent his brother Vergil from turning everythng into Demon World.Awesome plot.characters are outstanding ,kick-ass gameplay.A lot of weapons,range and mele.Lot's of bosses,graphics are awesome and the sound effects as well.You need to think a bit to go through some of the rooms.The extras are amazing as well.You get to choose from different costumes for dante,and since this is special edition once you beat the game you get to play as vergil!!!! which is awesome becouse he has such cool attacks and you also get to choose the costumes for him.The brothers both have Devil Trigger which you can use to kick some serious butt.A lot of different kinds of enemies so you never get tired of a specific type.You can also upgrade your weapons and firearms to get some cool moves and more power.You collect orbs to buy things like different moves.You get to choose from 3 styles at first which are:Trickster,Swordmaster,Gunslinger,And royal gurad (or something like that xD).And as you play your style can grow up to level 3! And later you get more styles to choose from.