dante is back to kill all the demons

User Rating: 9.5 | Devil May Cry 3 PS2
devil may cry 3 is a new adventure with dante, his brother comes to visit him. the story starts with vergil the brother of dante waning to open the gate to hell and unlock the power of sparda. but there for he needs the amulet that dante holds around his neck. dante wants to stop his brother and will kill every demon that gets in his way. in this story its the first time that he meets lady( a women how kills demon to also half demons like dante) also in this story you have a lot off boss fights the first boss the you meet is celebrius( a ice dog with 3 heads). the anther bosses are cool too like beowulf,... . after you defeat some off the bosses you get a new weapon. in tis special edition a new boss is jester (a clown demon).
you can also fight with vergil in the special edition. arkhan is the father of lady he wants the power a sparda for himself but he can't control it and he turns in to a kind of blob. dante and vergil will stop him tougher after they destroyed him. vergil takes the force edge(the sword of sparda) and tougher with his yamato he attacks dante. this is your last boss fight. after you defeat vergil he stays in the demon world. we don't now if he is dead our not??