This is an Old Classic Legend

User Rating: 9.5 | Deus Ex PC
Look this game isn't those flashy looking cool games like COD, Battlefield and those high graphic games. This is a very cool game even though the graphics isn't great, but lots of RPG experience and FPS both combined together and lots of weapons to choose from and very excellent gameplay. BTW (By the way) the ending is stated on christian stuff. Now lets do the Pros and Cons on the game.

+ You can travel to like France, Hong Kong, USA etc.
+ Every stage it's Big to look around for weapon, clues etc.
+ Level design it's very good for an old game like that.
+ You can any thing like Stealth, Heavy Weapon, or only melee etc.
+ Lots of weapons like the Prod Charger, Scramble Grenade, LAW (Rocket Launcher), Plasma Rifle.
+ Story Line is Long.
+ Tutorial is pretty long (Hardest is the stealth one).
+ Very Addicting when u play it first time.
+ Very Effective Music.
+ It can be replayed when u save it.
+ You can choose what you can do in a dialogue.
+ You can lock pick and use an multitool.
+ You can steal stuff from people when they are dead or house etc.
- AI isn't good
- Voice acting is not good.
- Could of have better graphics from Real Engine 1.
- Annoying Mechanical Spider.
- Bug and errors

Pretty much of my Pros are better than my Cons. You should give the game a try if u have the chance even though its old ( It's like from the 2000s). If u are onto gameplay not graphics you should give the game a try its a very good game from the decade and I hoped if there is a remake of the Deus Ex with improved graphics.

PS: If you are onto Very high Graphic and Realism (well expect graphic and just realism its doesn't mind).you have no experience on what gaming was like in the olden days.

Rating: 9.5/10 because of some bugs and errors but awesome story for such a game.