The ultimate cyberpunk game

User Rating: 9.7 | Deus Ex PS2
The network, mega-corporations, governmental plots, AI's out of control, the mobsters, cybprgs, androids, decay of society, it's all here. Yes sir, this very game has all cyberpunk main themes very well placed witgh each other. But this is barealy the reason why Deus Ex is such a great game. It's not only a first-person shooter, it's also a hell of a RPG, and it can even be a near impossible stealth game if you wish it to be. That's because even though there's a certain order of things to be followed, many other can be changed. That small factor will get the players back and again to play the game. Decisons like whose orders you'll follow, who'll be killing or not, they change the fate of the whole game.
Let's begin with the only really weak point: the music. It suits the game but it's way too repetitive, and will give you a headache if you play for too long. The rest of the sound is fine, gunshots, everything is fine.
The graphics aren't the best thing around nowadays, but they were very good when Deus Ex was released. So don't expect nothing too fancy.
The gameplay concept is basically the same as in othe fps, with a slight changes though, but nothing big. In other words perfect.
Storyline is pretty good and solid, a must see for any Neuromancer fan. You'll be taking the role of cyborg agent JC Denton, from UNATCO, a peace-keeping unit. Your body is full of augmentations that make you superior to ordinary people, so is the body of your brother. You'll also be in the field alongside two other special agents, Navarre (a gorgeous but bitter android girl) and Gunther (an agent that seems to have a need to blow anything and everything up). A Plague is devastating life as we know it, and the government can't handle the production of the medication with enough efficiency, as usual the poor people hardly get any treatment. But when conspiracy theories that involve the creation of the virus by the hands of your own government shows up it's time to start questioning the way things really work. With your mind full of doubts you'll have to find out by yourself who to follow, what to believe and what will be your course of action. Travel along the globe as you complete missions that may save the world (or bring it closer to it's demise?).
During the game you'll have a very rich scenario, very cyberpunk style, the kind of thing seen in Blade Runner. As for weapons and your cybernetic parts, you'll be gaining expereince points from side quests (secondary missions) and the main missions themselves in order to customize everything as you see fit.
Enter in the world of Deus Ex... The network beckons...