One the best PC sci-fi games, if not THE best one of all time.

User Rating: 9 | Deus Ex PC

What can said about this game that hasn't been said already? In-spite of the fact it has dated quite a bit over the years, this game still remains more than not a masterpiece. It truly is a game unlike any I have ever played. The story, the places you explore, the characters you interact with, etc... are so good I have yet to see one sci-fi game, let alone any sci-fi game replicate this kind of immersion.

Yes, it has its flaws and such, but in-spite of them, this game still holds up well. One of my favorite parts of the game is how expansive the weapons are in this game. I mean, it has such variety, it really gives a player dozens of styles to use, whether being a pacifist, full lethal, a mix, close range, long range, melee weapons, pistols, machine guns, rockets, plasma, grenades. Not to mention several weapons have different ammo types, especially if you use mods like Shifter and Bio-mod, which to me are a must to truly enjoy this game.

Sure, it can be enjoyed as is, but to me, the mods are what keep it relevant, especially the Revision mod. I love how it expands upon the game and gives it even more depth and immersion. Sure, I understand more players prefer GMDX, and that's fine, but me personally, I'll take Revision anyday since it gives you more weapons to pick from, which to me is always a plus.

Another thing I love about this game is how the story engages you alot more than any of the other Deus Ex games do. True, some of the levels are bland and not as interesting, but more are good than not, especially near the end. Once you get to Area 51 and go inside the hidden bunker to take down Bob Page and his vile plans, it just feels so immersive, especially in the Revision mod with the new music that it just makes the whole area feel more mysterious and evil, realizing you're in the belly in the beast and you have to put an end to the madness Bob Page has created at all costs.

Some may say Area 51 is too cliched in a sense of a place for a final battle, but considering the year this game came out, I think it was perfect. This type of theme wasn't overdone like it would be today so it feels alot more fresh and relevant.

Lastly, what makes this game great and one of a kind is the fact of how jarring it is when hitting close to reality. This is not just some sci-fi game with themes about terrorism, evil people trying to control the world and so on. No. What this game touches on is stuff we're seeing happening before our very eyes. It's as if the developers of this game are time travelers because it's freaky how stuff they mention as conspiracy is actually coming true. Someone on Youtube who reviewed this game said it best, "This game gives you a better understanding about what's happening in our world today than the actual news."

And you know what? They are right! You don't see the news talking about this kind of stuff and being this blunt about it. It's for that reason I think every gamer should play this game because if for nothing else, the story about how the conspiracies against the world are coming true before our very eyes. They need to know what's going on.

Anyway, to wrap this up... as I said, this game is definitely is not without its flaws. One major flaw of this game that seriously needed tweaking was the skill set system. On paper, it sounds like a great concept for leveling up your character, but in execution, it was botched horribly. To me, the biggest problem of the skill set is what level you're at in a certain skill also determines how much damage you do to the enemy, which is absurd! Why should your skill level affect how much damage you do? That should be irrelevant! The skill set should be more how accurate and functional you can be with a certain weapons.

For example, a higher skill set in grenades should have made it so you are able to throw them farther and more on point. But no! Instead, it determines how much damage your grenades do, which again, is completely stupid! A weapon is a weapon. It will do the same amount of damage in a professional marksman or a child's hands if they shoot something with it. The difference is the one who is skilled can be more effective at being more consistent about the damage it can create.

It's one of the reasons why I'm glad the prequel games scrapped this because it was just so badly flawed. Heck, it was even dropped in the Invisible War game, so I think even the original developers knew it was a bad system.

Nevertheless, in-spite of this problem, it doesn't take away from the fact this game is still a great sci-fi experience and one I'd recommend to anyone who's into this genre. Which is why I'm rating it a 9 out of 10. It's a great game, one that I sadly wish more game developers would try to replicate because we need more games that encourage immersion and exploring as this one has.