Compared to the original game, this is a major disappointment.

User Rating: 3.5 | Deus Ex: Invisible War PC
Deus Ex: Invisible War. A sequel to one of the best games ever made. Does it live up to the original? Not a chance.

Gameplay: 3.5/10
- Deus Ex, remembered for it's genius gameplay. Deus Ex: Invisible War, remembered for it's dumbing down for the mainstream. It seems like they made a list about everything that was good in the original DX... and removed all those things from IW. If you have never played the original Deus Ex before, you might actually like this game, since for an average shooter, it's quite decent. But if you have played the original Deus Ex and though it was good, this game makes you want to kill Ion Storm. (well, they are already dead though) I am sorry if this offends you console players, but one of the main reasons that DX:IW turned out to be so ****, is because it was aimed for console audience. You see, (I'm generalizing, sue me) most console players don't have high enough IQ and patience to think about stuff like: Lockpicks *AND* multitools, skill points, player choice, freedom, DIFFERENT AMMO FOR DIFFERENT WEAPONS. Seriously, what was Ion Storm thinking when they made those decisions?!

Atmosphere & Immersion: 3/10
- As if. Even Call Of Duty 4 has more atmosphere than this piece of junk. Well, not really, but you get the point.

Graphics: 6/10
- You know, graphics are the only half-decent thing about this game. But they are ruined by insanely small zones, you constantly keep changing from zone to another and that means: loading pauses!

Sound: 5/10
- Nothing really wrong. Just what you'd except from your average console shooter. But when compared to the original, they suck. They truly do.

Physics: 6/10
- Ragdoll. The most overused thing ever. It still works quite well in this game, and as long as you don't except top of the line physics, they actually do their job decently.

Replay value: 6.5/10
- Well... You actually do have a few choices, and you can say different stuff in conversations eg. So this has more replay value than your average shooter.

Value for money: 3/10
- The game sometimes makes me want to eat my head due to the headache I get from seeing something once so brilliant turned into something so bad as this. However, if you like FPS's, you might wanna check this one out. Hey, at least it's more "accessible" than Deus Ex 1. You don't want to pay 50 € for this though, luckily it is cheap these days.

Bugs, Stability & Performance: 4/10
- It is pain in the ass to get this game to run. It has an awful copy protection system so that it refuses to run if you have any kind of cd/dvd emulation *installed*, not even running. Still, you are lucky to get this game to run without crashes. Modern PC's can run this all maxed out easily, I wouldn't recommend trying Vista though, since this game is so bugged, it's bound to have problems.

Will this game be remembered by old school gamers as a classic after 10 years?:
- Hell no. It will be remembered as a perfect example of what happens if developers try to make game "more accessible for wider audience".

Who would I recommend to buy the game?:
- People who like Halo, Bioshock, Call Of Duty or Doom 3. Basically any FPS fan that hasn't played original Deus Ex.

Final score (not necessarily an average): 3.5/10