What could of been better. But actually worse.

User Rating: 6.5 | Deus Ex: Invisible War PC
The first Deus Ex was a great game, the missions where fun and the online play WAS AWESOME!!!

Then you ask, whats so bad about the second one? Well, this is whats so bad.

First off, there is no online play. The original Deus Ex had brilliant online play that was really addictive. But now they have taken it out of the second one and now your just stuck with the missions.

I have a feeling this game was only meant for xbox and just a weird port to PC. The controls are worse then the first one, and the inventory space is very, very tiny. Also all the good RPG elements where taken out so half of this game isn't a FPSRPG its just a casual FPS with slight RPG

Anyway, the people tell you to sneak past people by hiding in the shadows... The game is way to easy even on hard mode so all you have to do is just shoot a few times and the enemy's are dead! So who cares about sneaking?

The original game had some really good stealth elements, unlike this one. This game hardly deserves the name "Deus Ex"

Also, the final boss is JC denton (the character you play as in the original!) WHAT? The criminal is JC? But thats the guy you play as in the original!!

Anyway, the original never gets old no matter how many times you beat it. This, well, it gets old.

It's not bad, but just could of been better.