Piece of crap

User Rating: 4.4 | Deus Ex: Invisible War PC
This game doesn't even seem finished. The graphics are good but it's so choppy and slow (even on a fast computor like mine) that it's hard to appriciate them.

The story of the game is sort of stupid, it's like a 14 year old made it up in math class. It's not deep and complex, and there's no emotional ties with a character that make their deaths significant. If Paul or JC dies, so what? In the first game when Paul is killed it actually got you to say "oh my god" and when you find out that UNATCO was behind it, you're surprised, but in this game you have no real affiliation to anyone. You're like a free agent. The first game had a more mature kind of story in which revenge, hate, conspiracy, and criminal acts are prominent and powerful, this game is like a kid show.

The low frame rate makes the gameplay bad too, since you can't really react to anything quickly. Basically, the low frame rate and bad story bring down pretty much everything about the game. It has it's good parts, but the bad outdoes the good.