User Rating: 9.8 | Deus Ex: Invisible War PC
This game is superb! At first all these horrible reviews by other players had me discouraged, but I bought the game anyway (fan of Deus Ex 1). It turned out that I had made a good decision. The graphics are excellent! Though there might not be as much bumpmapping as I'd like, the lightmapped surfaces and dynamic lighting make the game feel very cinematic. I give the graphics a 10. There are dozens of different character models, each with different textures and such. (There was this really funny part of the game where a woman doll was placed in front of a lamp and the shadow casted made it seem as if a woman was in the room... I was scared until I knocked the doll over) The gameplay is perfect. Every time I run into a locked door or keypad that needs lock-picking, I look for an alternate way around... and there are always alternate ways. Often ceiling vent shafts offer nice ways around problems, or maybe the broken window on the other side of the building can help... or maybe my EMP grenade will work? Or maybe I can lure a guard into unlocking the door for me by shooting him and hiding... Another sweet addition to the gameplay is the biomods. These biomods make your gameplay experience different every time. Sometimes things have to be done hacking with a computer, but if you don't have the hack-mod, things could be harder... But what if you put a cloaking mod in your mod slot instead of the hack-mod? You can cloak yourself, ambush a guard, and steal the security log-in from the guy's desk to use the computer. The ways to do things are unlimited. A little addition to gameplay is the "mantle" ability that allows you to grab hold of ledges and pull yourself up. This adds a certain adventure feeling to some missions, as the mantle ability can prove to be quite useful. Plus, the game is very dynamic to your actions. You can kill people at your choosing, and their deaths WILL affect the entire game. I would often save a game right before I decided to kill a key NPC in the game to see how others would react and how my alliances would transform. This game is dynamic. Sound is good. Nice dark noises... the guards say funny things when you shoot them. (Those stupid guards... them and their lame AI) Value, good. The expansiveness of the environments and interactivity between NPC's and computer terminals make me want to explore every single part of the map. Reviewers Tilt, good. I love this game. Oh yeah, I have a Pentium 4, 2.6 GHz processor with a Geforce FX 5950, and this game runs perfectly. I can crank up the resolution and still have a lag-free experience. (The game ran fine on my Geforce 4 TI 4600 at 800x600 resolution, by the way). Buy this game.