Now entering the twilight zone.

User Rating: 8.5 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3
In the world that is Deus Ex: Human Revolution human enhancement technology is on the verge of becoming something bigger than anything out there but like all technology there are risks associated with it. You take on the role of Adam Jensen who is in charge of security for a major cooperation called Sarif Industries. The story finds Adam trying to find out just what the hell is going on after a major attack on the company's headquarters leaves a number of key scientists dead and him being forced to get augmented in order to save his life. From there the story progress at a good steady peace and is filled surprises of all kinds. The story is further helped by the level of believability as it is grounded enough in reality that it feels authentic.

On the surface Deus Ex: Human Revolution doesn't seem to excel in overall graphical performance. The facial animations feel dated and the same could be said for a large number of buildings and even NPC's. However in other areas it excels and features great looking visuals for some areas and some character models also look detailed but in general the graphics largely feel like they could have used more work to help the overall experience.

The gameplay on the other hand is very well done and quite diverse. Deus Ex: Human Revolution gives you loads options in how to approach each situation and it works quite well but does suffer from some hiccups. Most noticeably is that as you progress and spend points on individual enhancements in the way you want to spec your character you may find yourself struggling or maybe having to pass on some side quests all together. This is further compounded by the fact that at some points you will be forced into one type of gameplay style most noticeably during boss fights. In those instances your freedom of choice is removed and you're forced to play the game as a shooter. This may leave some frustrated to the point in which they'll need to reload to an earlier save in order to progress. However some of the trophies can only be obtained by played the game a certain way. To further compound these issues the button layout used can defiantly be a pain to deal with some times as none of the controls feel natural and come off as awkward. Unfortunately there is no way to change this to make it easier to deal with which means that you'll be forced to come to grips with the controls as they are.

On a side note Deus Ex: Human Revolution features some downloadable content. These add-ons come in three flavors. The first one being a pack that gives you additional in game money and a special weapon that cannot be obtained in the main game. The second one is a former pre-order bonus which features a mission that ties nicely into the story, an additional weapon and a special hacking tool. Finally there is the Missing Link add-on which is a standalone mission. Each of these add-ons have a varying price range with Missing Link being the most expensive.

Overall Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a very unique game that does a lot to suck you into its world and gives provides a unique perspective on a subject that may feel less and less like science fiction as technology advances.