Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

User Rating: 8 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC

Official score- 8.5

Deus Ex Human Revolution was a great experience that had a great story and featured excellent player choice.


The gameplay in Deus Ex is great and i felt like the stealth aspect was really well done and felt fair and believable. Many times throughout most missions i would be completing most of the level through means of stealth, and when that failed i turned to combat which was probably the weakest link of the two. The combat is not bad, but it definitely is rough around the edges. The added RPG elements of upgrading your AUG enhancements and putting them to good use was fun and also being able to find gun upgrades throughout the level in order to improve your weapons offers immense amount of player choice in how you approach a level.


The story was fun and interesting and offered a fleshed out world that was full of intrigue and interesting characters to explore. Also having dialogue choice and being able to influence character decisions is always fun, as well as the multiple story changing decisions I encountered throughout the game. I loved that the story was full of grey areas and was not necessarily a tale of good vs bad.


the graphics in this game were nothing mind-blowing but were nice, and i didn't experience and frame-rate issues or bugs. What i loved the most was the art direction and how it gave me a very near future cyberpunk vibe, and made it feel like a world that was possible and just out of reach.

Overall, Human Revolution is a fun, player driven experience that offers great story, fun stealth mechanics and a good amount of RPG-like upgrade systems further enhancing player choice.