Not perfect, but clearly the greatest cyperpunk themed RPG game released until now !

User Rating: 9 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC

Deus Ex HR is a more than worthy continuation (or rather prequel) to one of the greatest RPG series ever released ! The Graphics are well crafted, with much considerations put into them to give both a sense of continuity with regard to the two older games in the series, and yet also put some new ideas and perspectives into the Deus Ex experience. Gameplay IS rather difficult/challenging (much in the tradition of the two earlier games), but also very compelling and generally well-executed. Gameplay details like inventory management, upgrading your augmentations and the hacking mini-game, all works very well. The levels and the game World itself is also well made and some parts of it stand out, almost as pieces of game-art. The story is great and with a highly emotional ending. The musical scores are fantastic ! All in all : Great ! There are also some points of criticism however. The characters, including facial animations and the voice-acting, could have been better. They are not bad, but not superb either, and so with some aspects of the endings and some of the details of the story. While each of the four endings is great, with the protagonist Adam Jensen, delivering a short monologue to explains his motives for the chosen ending, the way to get to said ending is disappointing. In the two earlier games, you had to "fight" or actively work towards your preferred ending, but in DE HR it boils down to a choice between pushing different buttons. So the game, is definitely Great, but unfortunately it also feels "rushed" or "unfinished" in certain respects. But it is a great experience for anyone who likes Sci-fi themed RPG !