3 years after release, worth picking up

User Rating: 7 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3

I picked this up on Ebay for $10 as I am going over past games in the shooter genre that I missed the first time around. Well worth it for the price, but would have been ticked if I payed full price upon it's release.

Visuals: Even 3 years old, I found the graphics to be very detailed from the buildings to the player features.

Weaponry: I read some reviews which complained about the lacking of ammunition. I never found this to be an issue. The weapons themselves were pretty vast from the 10mm pistol to the heavy riffle to the plasma gun. There were some modifications you could add to it in the game, such as burst fire, damage increases, etc, but there could have been more. For example, you could not apparently add a silencer to the sniper rifle but you had it on the 10mm pistol.

Controls: Mixed bag here. At first I was annoyed with the way they had it set up for the PS3. In most shooters, you aim through the gun sights with L2 and crouch with the square or "O". In this game you aim through the sights with L3 and crouch with R3. No way to modify this as well which made there be some learning curve in the beginning to get used to it. Once I did get the hang of it, the controls responded well and it was easy to scroll through weapons.

Story: Convoluted. For a game that can easily require 20+ hours to complete, a more streamlined plot would have been a good idea. Some characters start off in one direction where a confrontation is expected only to tail off to redundancy in the end. At the end of the game *don't worry no spoilers", you have a choice of endings. I honestly had to look online to understand what I was choosing as the description was so convoluted. Throughout the game you can pick up ipad like items which give some background to the events of the time. I read the first couple, but there are probably 50+ throughout the game and takes to much time to go through each one, breaking up the rhythm of the game.

Gameplay: The stealth difficulty was fair and there are many areas, hidden rooms, paths, ladders, safes, etc to discover. The hacking of computers and doors is fun at first, but gets real tiresome as the game wears on. Even with full hacking augmentation, the chance of alerting the system during a hack seemed arbitrary. Some of the augmentations were fun such as seeing through walls, increased jumping etc. Some were unnecessary and even when obtained/augmented, were not required to proceed through the game (temporary invisibility for one). I read some complaints that the boss battles forced your hand, where you went from the choice of killing or knocking out an enemy to HAVING to kill a boss. The argument being that it broke up the pace of the game. I didn't find this to be the case at all.

Overall: I gave this game a 7. There are enough good things in the game to give the incentive to complete it, but there are too many issues to make this game as great as it could have been.